Anti Con Flu Tonic

After days of rushing madly around the con, seeing your favourites and friends you finally get a good night’s sleep, only to wake up to the dreaded con flu.

Con flu (colloquial, noun): a viral infection that occurs after a pop culture convention.

Let’s face it: nobody likes con flu. Sure it means another week off work, but con flu often hits like a truck. Con attendees can be so run down because of lack of sleep, after parties, the stress of finishing cosplays and long flights, that their immune systems simply can’t handle the giant sized petri dish that is the convention. Protecting yourself against getting con flu comes down to several factors, and this year at PAX I kept my immune system strong while still enjoying late nights and after parties, as well as flights back to Sydney.

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Wyldwood Apothecary: White Gull

In the Witcher, White Gull is hallucinogenic potion containing Mandragora officinarum (mandrake) root. Mandrake is a member of the Solanaceae family, and like its relative Atropa belladona (also known as Deadly Nightshade), it is poisonous plant containing tropane alkaloids. Ingesting mandrake is known to cause blurred vision, rapid heart rate, hallucinations and death.

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