Wyldwood Apothecary Teas

Available 6th of April, 2019

From my popular apothecary streams, you can brew and enjoy your own herbal potions at home. Each loose leaf tea is based on legendary potions from some of your most beloved RPG games or inspired by gaming culture. Carefully selected herbs to heal, nourish and cleanse capture the essence of each potion, bringing some fan-tea-sy to your everyday.

It is advised to not take any of these teas during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Please consult your health professional if you take any regular medication for any interactions.


Inspired by Superior White Honey from the Witcher series, this herbal tea blends cherry, rose, honeysuckle and ginger. These fruits, flowers and herbs are traditionally used to detoxify the body.

Flavour text: Fruity and floral. Serve with honey.
Effect: +1 Constitution

Price: $15
Net Weight: 18g

Servings per pack: 20


Raid healers are well versed in using Dreamless Sleep Potions and similar concoctions mid fight to regenerate their mana. Relaxing lavender and lemon balm will help you drift off into a regenerative sleep.

Flavour text: Floral and zesty. Best enjoyed before bed.
Effect: +2 Spirit

Price: $15
Net Weight: 15g

Servings per pack: 20


A warming cup of herbal tea is a perfect and delicious way to buff your immune system, particularly around con’ season. Echinacea, lemon balm, ginger and astragalus are used in traditional and modern herbal medicine to support the immune system and may help the body adapt during times of stress.

Flavour text: Herbaceous and warm. Do not take when already unwell.
Effect: +1 Stamina

Price: $15
Net Weight: 20g

Servings per pack: 20