Wyldwood Apothecary: Superior White Honey

Recently, we ventured to the Northern Realms to create The Witcher potion Superior White Honey. It was really fun to venture into a different universe and explore the herb-craft in a game with such rich lore. I have dabbled in the first and second game, and love watching The Witcher 3 streams on Twitch. Lots of my friends really love The Witcher series, so I spent a bit of time talking with them about the game and nailing down a potion to recreate for the stream.

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Wyldwood Apothecary: White Gull

In the Witcher, White Gull is hallucinogenic potion containing Mandragora officinarum (mandrake) root. Mandrake is a member of the Solanaceae family, and like its relative Atropa belladona (also known as Deadly Nightshade), it is poisonous plant containing tropane alkaloids. Ingesting mandrake is known to cause blurred vision, rapid heart rate, hallucinations and death.

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Wyldwood Apothecary: Dreamless Sleep Potion

Well, what an amazing stream on Tuesday night! I went in with some expectations of myself (did you catch me squinting at my run sheet?), but I couldn’t have imagined that you guys, the Twitch community, would be so supportive. Thank you so much guys, you really made it a wonderful evening.

When I first took up streaming, I had no idea that I would be combining two passions of mine: natural medicine and RPGs! As a raid healer from World of Warcraft, creating a potion like this seemed poignant. Over Discord or Vent (those were the days!), the healing team would be rotating our cool-downs all whilst trying to push a raid boss for server firsts. One would be out of action for what seemed like eternity, while the rest of us would pick up the slack. Continue reading