As you enter the Wyldwood, you notice movement in the dappled undergrowth, and a light wind rushes through the leaves. The sun should be setting soon, but here night and day seem not to matter; the flowers seem to have a glow unto their own and leaves shade dark like the night sky. Though the forest seems to be alive- somewhere living between myth and reality- it seems unlikely that anyone would choose to live here. You wonder if you should turn back, but you are on a quest, and have been sent here to meet The Enchantress of Wyldwood…

Xandra is a naturopath, gamer and content creator from Sydney, Australia. She streams video games and creative content regularly on Twitch. When she isn’t streaming her favourite RPGs, adventure games, shooters and MOBAs, catch her in the apothecary lab mixing some magic! Xandra combines her interest the in the fantasy genre with a background in natural health by recreating potions, flasks and consumables from video games like World of Warcraft, Diablo and The Witcher series.

Catch her stream every Tuesday, Australian Eastern Standard Time. All Wyldwood Apothecary stream recipes are uploaded to the blog after the stream, and recipes provided are for entertainment purposes only, and should never replace the advice of your healthcare professional.

Skill Level

Skill level required: Apprentice Journeyman Expert Master

You will notice four different skill levels on each recipe. The complexity of the recipe will dictate how difficult it is. As a rough guide:


For our new, beginning alchemists. These recipes are super easy, use few ingredients and don’t take much time at all.


For those who have learnt a little bit more, these are just kicking it up a notch from the beginner level. Expect to be making 1 or 2 tinctures per recipe.


Experts are skillful in the basics, and are ready to learn recipes of an intermediate level. Combining several tinctures in other bases like infusions and decoctions.


Master level recipes are the hardest of them all, making things like concentrated extracts, topical creams and edible lozenges from scratch.