Venture into the Woods…

Journey into a dark wood, filled with arcane magic, alchemy and the occult.

Adventurers, welcome. It has been some time since we last spoke, and I am so excited to show you guys what I have been working on. This month has been spent in the apothecary, working on potions, flasks and incantations in preparation for the for the stream.

I have managed to weave a few arcane magics over the internet, and the bandwidth has seen measurable gains in the past few weeks. Streaming in full quality awaits! Now you can see Xan in more pixels than ever before!

… mysterious caves and tunnels always have luminous fungi, strangely bright crystals or at a pinch merely an eldritch glow in the air, just in case a human hero comes in and needs to see in the dark. Strange but true. — Terry Pratchett

What is happening with subs, you ask? The sub-system has just a glamour spell cast over it, don’t worry! Subs will continue to receive bonus channel currency (now called Magic Dust) that you can spend. There are new sub-emotes on the way too. Every subscriber will get to roll for a random magic spell to be cast on them.

Keep your eyes on the site for recipes and links to bonus content, where I will be regularly uploading potions for you to make at home, herblore and gaming content.


Catch me on Tuesday the 15th of May, 7.30pm AEST @ where I will be creating the health and mana rejuvenating Potion of Dreamless Sleep. Don’t forget to give the channel a follow to get notified when I am going live.

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